søndag 25. mars 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's already end of the week, and time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday! We had a really nice week here in Stavanger, enjoying both sun and rain. Yesterday all family enjoyed a trip outside in the nice, sunny weather. We've also been a few trips to the park. I have taken many great pictures, but my Mac doesn't agree with me these days, so I have trouble loading them to the machine. But here are some of this week's shots, probably the one my mac liked best ;))

Please visit Ashley if you like to see other fantastic photos, or if you want to join Scavenger Hunt Sunday yourself!

1. Whimsy
A difficult word for a Norwegian like me ... The most whimsy I found at home, was a sheet of paper!
2. Create
Preparations for Easter!

3. Dust
Leftovers from last year's spring.
(As always we were out of dust in our house ;))

4. Seed or Sprout
Can't wait to see the trees in full bloom!
5. Swing or Drop
Father and Son celebrating spring on the swings! First day to drop the jackets!

Tross alt seirer våren og varmen og viljen,
tross alt seirer livet som grønnes og gror.
Og er du en slektning av blåveisfamilien,
så har du en gjerning å gjøre på jord.
Arne Paasche Aasen

22 kommentarer:

  1. I have a friend who lives in Stavanger so it is lovely to see a tiny piece of where she is! Love those giraffes!

    1. Thank you!
      You should visit your riend - Stavanger is very nice :)
      Enjoy your Sunday :))
      Pia xx

  2. Great shots - love Seed/Sprout!

  3. I like your whimsey and sprout photos very much !!!!

    Have a nice Sunday :)

  4. Love your whimsey! These are all fantastic!

  5. Love your whimsy paper, but they are good! Suzy x

  6. Beautiful shots. I love father/son on the swings!

  7. Nice work - enjoyed the tire swings!

  8. Well illustrated series! And you have done well with your whimsy!

  9. Love your seed/sprout shot!

  10. Great whimsy shot and I love your dust and sprout pics.

  11. Beautiful budding tree. Love the colors!

  12. Great set - definitely like your seed or sprout shot.


Jeg setter stor pris på at DU legger igjen en hilsen i bloggen min! Tusen takk!!! Og med ønske om en glitrende glad dag til deg :))